My experience of Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are often seen by those who don’t have them as yappy and aggressive, however to those that own them they become fans for life – including me!   These little dogs are brave, loyal and incredibly loving.

They are also pretty varied in size, I personally have three, two of which were rescue dogs,  one is tiny, not much bigger than a baby rabbit and my largest is the same size as a small jack russell terrier.

The largest one we had from 8 weeks old, she is very calm, she rarely barks, is friendly to everyone and is a very calm dog, the two rescues though have been a challenge and this is 100% entirely down to how they had been kept.  She is very clever and loves tickles, she will paw at you to tickle her tummy and if you ignore her she will wriggle and stretch out as if to say “you’ve stopped, keep going!” She particularly loves my kids Grandpa – I think thats because he always has a long nap when he is here and provides a good lap to sit on – as soon as he is here she jumps up at him and won’t leave him alone until he settles in his favourite armchair.

The smallest one is a size that is highly desirable for unscrupulous breeders who are more concerned with the tiny stature than any potential health risks in breeding such a small dog.  He spent his entire life in a cage before he was rescued and was very possessive over food, which likely was in poor supply.  He has significant health issues and in rescue had to have one eye removed because it was half the size of his other one and was ulcerated, he also has joints that click in and out due to poor conformation.   If anyone came in that he felt was a threat he would shake violently, his heart would pound and he would try to bite them to get them to leave.

We had to keep the cage initially with the door open and he would always retreat to it when scared, he would not eat normal dog food, even nice things like ham, chicken or sausage didn’t tempt him and we realised when we accidently dropped some McDonalds fries and he hoovered up 10 into his mouth and ran off – that likely this was his diet.  It’s taken us 2 years but now he is the most loving little dog, he is brilliant with my children and has taken a particular shine to our delivery driver who was amazing taking the time to sit down and let him sniff him.

Could he have been the kind of dog that would be considered yappy and aggressive, yes he could, but ask yourself why was he like that and you can clearly see the reason why.

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